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    Teaching Courses

    •   If the student wants to join B.Ed or Bachelor of Education course. then he/she must have completed Bachelor degree in Science /Commerce/Arts from any recognized University with 50% marks in graduation.
    • This is Two year Regular course affiliated with different government or Private Universities.
    • It is necessary that college has been approved from NCTE.
    • After passing B.Ed, If student wants to level up his education than he/she can go for M.Ed Courses.         

    Teaching is a noble profession, and for those who have a passion for education, pursuing a teaching course like B.Ed or Bachelor of Education is a natural choice. These courses equip aspiring teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful educators. One important requirement for students who wish to join a B.Ed or Bachelor of Education course is the completion of a Bachelor's degree in Science. A Bachelor's degree in Science serves as a strong foundation for aspiring teachers, as it provides them with a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts and principles. This knowledge is crucial when teaching subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or any other science-related discipline. It enables teachers to effectively explain complex scientific concepts to students and foster a love for learning in the field of science. Moreover, a Bachelor's degree in Science also helps teachers develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential in the classroom. These skills enable educators to engage students in hands-on experiments, encourage scientific inquiry, and foster a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. By requiring students to have completed a Bachelor's degree in Science before pursuing a teaching course, educational institutions ensure that future teachers have a solid academic background and expertise in the subject they will teach. This requirement not only enhances the quality of education but also instills confidence in both teachers and students. 


    BA.B.Ed / B.Sc.B.Ed.


    • New Courses like BA B.Ed and B.ScB.Ed of this stream has also started in previous two years. 
    • If student completed his/her !2th class with Arts and Science as subject than he/she is eligible to this course.
    • This is 4 year integreted course.
    • We have direct affiliation with different Private and GovermentCoolleges of top recoginised Universities of India for B.Ed, M.Ed Courses.


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